Matcha Tea Powder


Matcha is a green tea produced from shade grown tea leaves and milled into a fine powder. It has a smooth, refreshing, slightly sweet flavor with a vibrant green color and silky texture.

Our Organic Matcha Tea is a culinary grade matcha. It makes a delicious tea, and is often used in cooking and baking. Culinary grade matcha is a very high quality tea, with a slightly different flavor profile than ceremonial grade matcha. Culinary grade matcha isn’t necessarily a lower quality product than ceremonial grade matcha either, it’s just prepared differently for a different use – and it features different characteristics. It has a more robust flavor than ceremonial grade matcha, is slightly less sweet, with more bitter notes.

Fair Trade

Powdered & Organically Grown.

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Culinary Grade Organic Fair Trade Matcha Green Tea.



  1. Stir a level teaspoon of matcha powder into 2 oz. of hot water (212° F or boiling) until mixture is dissolved.
  2. Add 10 oz. of hot water or steamed milk (or milk alternative) and serve.


Mix one level teaspoon of Matcha powder with 2oz of 212° F water. Allow it to cool, then stir in 10 oz of cold milk or milk substitute, pour over ice, and enjoy!

Weight 1.2 oz

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