Herbal Tinctures

Botanical herbal extracts, flavor extracts and tinctures are naturally extracted and preserved in a bottle for your use. As an excellent alternative to herbal teas, capsules or dried herbs and herb powders, herbal extracts are easily consumed and digested and conveniently provide the health benefits of the plant.

Pure Herbal Extracts Made from the Highest Quality Plants

Terra Firma & Mountain Rose herbal extracts are made using the highest quality herbs with love and respect for the planet, for your health and for your healing. To ensure this, Terra Firma sources herbs that have always been certified organically grown or ethically harvested by wildcrafters. It is very important to only use plants that are obtained without the use of chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, fumigants and irradiation. Because we are all connected, the ingredients and products are never tested on animals.

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